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Capture Photography Newborn: Taking infant photographs is a reminder of the precious circle of life. The genius.

Schedule newborn sessions two months BEFORE birth. Contact us again once the baby is born to reserve your date. Your session will take place in the comfort of your home or in our studio. Infants photograph best around five to ten days old since they sleep a lot and can be easily curled up for those classic sleeping newborn images.

Bring props! Anything fluffy, soft, or crochet, blankets, baskets, outrageous/adorable outfits, hats, textured pillows, stuffed animals, etc

  Hospital Story: Takes place at the hospital following the baby's birth.
This is more of a photojournalists approach with posed and candid photos, of baby, baby with parents, and with sibling(s).
  Home Story: This session that takes in the comfort of your home during the first ten days following the baby's birth.
  Babies First Year:Includes Home Story, six month photo (or when baby is sitting up but not yet crawling) and a twelve month session.

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