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about sandra gregson

  • As far back as I can remember I have always been an artist. When I was young
    and neighborhood kids still played together, we would have drawing contests and guess who always won? (Unless they were fixed -- as my sister sometimes won and she couldn't draw a stick figure!)
  • As a child I loved travelling through Ware, MA in the fall. There was this
    old house selling painted pumpkins in the front. The pumpkins looked so happy, their personalities radiating. I begged my parents to stop but they never did.
    In my early 20's these images remained and one day I mustered up the courage
    to paint a pumpkin. That was 20 + years ago. I now paint hundreds of designs including, characters and sports teams. Through the years I began adding hats,
    lots of glitter, beads, and clay. Check them out:
  • My Dad always said I think different. Luckily before he passed away he
    elaborated and said that perhaps it was a good thing. Thinking different has become my mantra. (Isn't that the Apple slogan... Sure is!) Life is short - give it everything you have! Make your own cow path!

Think different

  • That is where photography comes in. I have always loved taking pictures and taught photography to high school students. Due to many years in graphics I am also a computer nerd specializing in computer design. I have a well trained eye and use the two in conjunction to create brilliant works of art. My philosophy is like that of the Impressionist painters. Why follow your predecessors?
  • Of course we do traditional photography. But hopfully we can encourage you to "think different" or at least be open minded to lots of contrast, extreme close-ups, series art, and photos that are not exactly "posed". (Check out our PhotoArt or PhotoMagic, or the before and after of my own portrait.)
  • I have an Associates degree in Advertising Design from the Art Institute of
    Fort Lauderdale and a Bachelors in Communications with a minor in Art from Worcester State University. (Magna Cum Laude! I am proud of that!) I hope to again teach photography in the future.
  • Capture challenges you to think different too!

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